When you hear the word Teen Mom a lot of people think about the MTV show. I personally have seen the show and think that it’s great show because it shows almost every side possible. It shows the adoption stand point, it shows the dads that bailed on the mom, it shows the moms that aren’t good mothers. It shows all of that, do you get to experience the feeling of having a baby as a teen? No, but it can offer some perspective and hopefully be a reality check to some people.Now a lot of adults have argued saying that Teen Mom is a show that is promoting teen pregnancy and making teens go and get pregnant to have  a TV show. Well let’s be honest if you are dumb enough to go out there and get pregnant and think that you are automatically going to get a show, you are sadly mistaken and not ready to be a parent.

Here are some stats about teen parents that I got from http://www.dosomething.org

  • 80% of teen dads will not marry the mother of their child.
  • Sexually active teens who do not use contraceptive will get pregnant within the first year.
  • About half of teen moms have second baby within the first two years of their first baby.
  • More than half of teen moms never graduate high school.
  • Almost 80% of teen pregnancies are not planned.

With all of this being said, I am not bashing teen mothers, just offering perspective.

I know two teen mothers who are doing a phenomenal job with their kids, one has a boy and one has a girl. Their kids are the love of their life and they are doing everything in their power to provide for them. Both have jobs and are with the baby’s father, sadly not everyone can do as well as these two girls.

I hate it when people bash teen moms or parents, not all  of them are bad and are terrible parents. Many of them are excellent parents, better than some adults and they are doing all that they can.

Teen pregnancy is serious because most teenagers are not mature enough or financially stable to have a child, but once you’re pregnant you have to mature real quick. If you’re not one hundred and ten percent sure you’re ready to have sex, don’t. It is as simple as that. People respect you for being a Virgin. For those of you who are going to college and are having people tell you that you won’t make it out of your freshman year a virgin, yes you can, I did and still am. To those girls who want to mess around let them, but keep your head on your shoulders and don’t rush into things. There is still plenty of time for all of that, but the time you have now as a teen, you will never get back.

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